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Kayla is a lovely dancer and my friends daughter. The dynamic pose is typical of her modern dance style. I was attempting to capture her exuberance and free spirit. When she dances the viewer is lifted to feel the freedom of her movement as though gravity doesn't exisit but it is her choice to touch the earth before she explodes into the air again.
This bronze of Kayla and is available to purchase but you can send me pictures of your dancer to be immortilized in bronze.
Kayla is 17" tall and 4" wide , mounted on a solid walnut base with a light walnut stain a brass name plate displays the sculpture name, my name , the date finished at the foundry and the number of this casted piece in the series. Felt is attached to base to protect your furniture.

$1,200.00 Bronze includes tax and shipping

$400.00 Composite includes tax and shipping

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